2012 is coming to a close and in the midst of holiday celebrations and New Year’s resolutions you may be eager to make some changes at home. Your ideas may involve a weekend project of changing décor in a guest room. Perhaps you’re looking for a bolder change to bring new life and a new look to your home overall. That’s where a home can benefit from a switch to vinyl siding.

Even before the decorations come down you can begin planning a home improvement project that will bring you many happy returns for years to come. When the work is done, your choice of siding installed by Storm Solutions — using quality products from manufacturers such as CertainTeed — can set your home apart from the neighbors. More than 40 color options from CertainTeed along with a wide range of profiles and trims allow you to choose an appearance that best suits your home’s design, your personal tastes and your budget.

Maintenance-Free St. Louis Vinyl Siding is another advantage of switching as it reduces the time invested in maintaining your siding annually. Anyone who recalls the work to paint, stain and maintain their old siding will appreciate the benefits of a product that’s virtually maintenance-free. For example, a homeowner with cedar siding will need to protect it from the threat of rot caused by excessive moisture and clean it regularly to prevent problems caused by mildew, mold spores, bugs and dirt.

Whether you choose Wolverine Restoration Smooth in Sandstone Beige or MainStreet in Natural Clay, you can rest assured your new siding will offer exceptional wind resistance. Due to its composition, vinyl siding also excels at handling changes in temperature easily from a cold St. Louis winter night to a hot midsummer day. Resisting rain is yet another advantage. Even a hard rain blowing in at an angle will not lead to an accumulation of water in high quality vinyl siding that’s properly installed. With overnight lows close to or below freezing this week, insulated siding may look more and more attractive. The thermal benefits of CedarBoards come from rigid foam insulation which adds more strength to your siding. CedarBoards siding comes with a rough cedar finish, yet still provides the low maintenance requirements of any other vinyl siding. When you’re ready to give your current home a new look and enjoy all the benefits made possible by a switch to vinyl siding, call Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting at 314-825-7663 for a free estimate.