attic insulation for st louis homesWhen most of our business at Storm Solutions comes from roofing, you might expect us to chat about the home’s most important system of protection. But there’s a topic that deserves some attention this week, especially as fall prepares to transition into winter and our average overnight lows drop below the freezing mark. It’s an area of your home that often goes unnoticed, typically because it’s one you rarely see. While you were focused this year on making visible home improvements, you may have neglected one critical area that largely remains unseen: your attic insulation.

That attic insulation provides an essential function, controlling energy loss in your home. The proper type, quantity and installation can mean the difference between feeling comfortable during a winter in St. Louis and feeling chilly day or night. More importantly, a lack of adequate attic insulation could trigger high utility bills as your furnace (or other heating source) is forced to run longer and more frequently. One factor to consider is the age of your insulation. Regardless of its appearance, attic insulation that’s ten years old or older may no longer serve at its optimum efficiency. If you purchased a home in the St. Louis area in the last few years, you may not know the age of your home’s attic insulation. Don’t automatically assume the insulation is sufficient. Even homes with new construction are not necessarily adequately insulated.

One variable is the type of insulation used in your attic. While most homeowners are acquainted with rolls of insulation, they may not be aware of the added benefits of blown-in insulation, such as the kind offered by Owens Corning. According to, 15.5 inches of Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation can save a homeowner up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Whether you’re unsure about the efficiency of your attic insulation or already planning to replace it, Storm Solutions is here to help. We’ve already worked with many of your neighbors in St. Louis and beyond and we’re ready to assist you in improving your overall home efficiency quickly and affordably. Call us today at 314-825-7663 for a free estimate.