Identify the Cause of a Leak Through A Roofing Company in St Charles MO   It’s logical for a culprit to flee the scene of a crime, unless the police catches him. When the crime scene has no clear culprit, the investigating team starts listing suspects. It doesn’t mean these suspects are guilty, but any connection to the victim may place them under suspicion.   Roof leaks resemble crime scenes. The culprit is initially not apparent. There are water stains in one part of the ceiling, but you can’t tell if that is the source of the leak. A St Charles MO roofing company such as Storm Solutions may use thermal imaging to zero in on a leak. A regular homeowner like you, however, doesn’t have thermal imaging equipment to spot the leak source. This is where basic knowledge of roof leaks comes in handy.     First of all, when there’s a leak, there’s a crack. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your roof may no longer be as solid as it used to be. If it was, a drop of water wouldn’t have seeped past the shingles. Now that you know the leak comes from the roof, the next question is which part? Roofing professionals advise homeowners to follow a leak right after a downpour, as it gives you an idea how the leak flows to your house. You don’t have to climb the roof during the rain, but check immediately after, while still wet. In this case, having an attic will be an advantage.     In any type of roofing system, the joints—or flashing—are the usual access points of water. The flashing is installed to keep the runoff away from vents or chimneys. If you have vents or chimneys, the flashing around them is the best place to check for leaks. Roof extensions such as dormers are also possible entry points. Dry caulk and missing sidings provide an opening for water to enter the attic and leak to the rooms below.   Missing shingles and tiles are also excellent passageways of water as it goes through the deck. Solicit the help of a St Louis roofing repair service to reinstall the missing pieces. If possible, stack up on spare shingles and tiles for instant repairs. Call professional roofers to investigate the leaks in your home. The root of the leak may take a while to spot. However, thinking about the possible forms of damage on the roof can help narrow down your choices.