Roofing company for storm damage and restorationThere are three phases to responding to a severe storm as a homeowner. First, you prepare for potential damage, then you find a safe place to be during the worst of the storm. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may get to skip the third step which involves repair and clean-up. But for many residents in the St. Louis area, that third phase became the most difficult and longest-lasting phase. Finding a decent storm damage service company and having them on call is vital.

Sometimes the trouble lies with the urgency to find help after the storm passes. A home may have significant roof damage that needs to be boarded up. The house itself needs to be secured to minimize the risk of burglary. For homeowners without a go-to contractor, the decision to get anyone on the job fast can end up becoming more costly of an investment than was necessary.

One of the storms that blew through the area this year, accompanied by large hail, prompted more than 100,000 insurance claims. In places such as Maryland Heights, baseball-sized hail led to roof leaks in places. This kind of damage inevitably “invited” a variety of less-than-reputable individuals to go door-to-door looking to make quick and easy money assessing damage and offering to repair it.

Customers of Storm Solutions were among the homeowners affected by the storms. Fortunately they had established a relationship with a reputable company with a history in the community. We’ve been providing St. Louis area homeowners with expertise, quality materials and installation, and superb customer service for more than a decade. Unfortunately for other homeowners, the overall process and outcome of “repairs” may not have been so sweet.

Finding a legitimate company to respond to your home improvement needs should not an arbitrary move. The St. Louis area has plenty of resources to handle any home repair need, whether a planned one or an emergency. But the responsibility belongs to the homeowner to carefully evaluate a potential contractor before hiring and paying them.

At Storm Solutions, we encourage new customers to get acquainted with our services and our reputation anytime. You can learn more about the Effects of Hail, for instance, or discover the three steps of our free roof inspections. The better educated a customer becomes, the more informed (and smarter) your decisions will be.