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St. Louis Roofing Tips For The Summer Season

St. Louis Roofing Tips For The Summer Obviously, roofing is a pretty seasonal activity. Nobody is going to climb on your roof when it’s loaded with a foot of snow like we had this last March! So yes, things get a little quiet around our office in the middle of winter. We always get calls… Read More

How Roofing Companies Rip Off Homeowners

How Roofing Companies Rip Off Homeowners When the average person lacks experience or knowledge in an area, it is more possible for him to be ripped off. So the industries where knowledge tends to be harder to come by are more subject to ripoff. Like auto repair, air conditioner repair and home improvements. I could… Read More

Getting Quality Roofing in St. Louis-What to Ask Before a Bid

Getting Quality Roofing in St. Louis – What to ask before a bid What do you need to ask roofing contractors when they come to bid a job?  With the rash of storms in St. Louis, you may be in contact with a roofing contractor or three right now.  I think it’s safe to say… Read More

Best Roofing Company in St. Louis| Metal Roofing

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that most of the roofs around St. Louis are asphalt – well, in fact, most of the roofs across the US are asphalt! Of course, in some areas, this varies. In Southern California and other southern regions of the US, there are a lot of those red tile… Read More

Deadly Tornado Season Affects Families all over Midwest | Storm Solutions Roofing St Louis

Families and Cities Affected by the Tornadoes We’re called Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting because what we do best is help people get things back to normal after some of the violent storms we have in this part of the country. But there is no way that some people are going to get life back… Read More

Roofing and Roof Repair – Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting

The leading St Louis roofing contractors offering the top brands of products to homeowners and business customers. When choosing from the top roofing companies in St. Louis Missouri it's important to select roofers with the necessary expertise, experience and equipment to complete your project professionally and affordably. With the highest quality services on the market, Storm Solutions remains the St Louis roofing company that area residents trust to protect their homes and commercial properties. Our company handles everything related to your roofing system. From a new roof or simply roof repair. Roofing estimates are free and our roof damage assessment will provide you with visuals of the damage we find.

Locally owned, family run roofing company

When it comes to getting professional roofing work done on your home, you want someone that understands your family’s needs and who will work hard to get your family home back to normal again.

Storm Solutions Roofing is a local St. Louis roofer and a company that has been in business for a decade.  We live here and work here - we’re not going anywhere.

We help St. Louis families keep a roof over their heads.

Storm Solutions Roofing is here to stay.  We are your neighbors.  Our roofing company receives 50% of its business through referrals from happy customers.  We have a vested interest in making sure your roofing job is done right - and that you and your family are happy.