Building Better Shade with Roofing Contractors from St Louis St. Louis is one of the few notable places in America that lie between zones of continental and subtropic climates. This means the area enjoys a taste of all four seasons. Unfortunately, the region is beset by very wild weather as it receives no protection against icy Arctic air in the winter and warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer. Despite the chances of experiencing extreme climatic conditions, many people call this charming city home. Residents of St. Louis manage to live in the city despite the risk of storms because their homes are built to be especially tough. Locals simply can’t skimp on the construction of their houses as they are mindful of how inferior building materials will only fall prey to the elements. A well-built residence begins with a good roof that is made possible by reliable roofing contractors in St Louis, such as Storm Solutions Roofing. One of the most popular roofing solutions for homes in the city is the use of asphalt shingles. This is a very affordable material which, due to its toughness, could last a good 20 to 50 years. Many roofing manufactures provide asphalt shingles in different colors and styles, so homeowners can pick from a wide variety to suit their preferences. Another roofing option would be to use laminated shingles. Such roofs are made from portions of asphalt which are layered to provide maximum durability, thereby lasting longer than ordinary shingles. Just like regular asphalt shingles, these multilayered pieces come in an array of exciting designs and tints to best fit homes. For the ultimate in roofing, metal roofs are what some St. Louis residents choose over regular tiles and shingles. Aside from being virtually indestructible, metal roofing is highly resistant against fire. It helps that metal roofing also does a good job at improving a home’s insulation by absorbing heat during cold periods and reflecting sunlight on hot summer days. St. Louis’ wide range of weather conditions may not be a great selling point for those looking to move into the city. But those who are brave enough will find that the elements can be easily staved off by a robustly-constructed home. Homeowners have St Louis roofing contractors to thank for providing excellent protection against the weather.