Fall in St. Louis historically delivers the second least amount of precipitation in the area with less than 10 inches of rain falling from September through November. You may recall a very wet October in 2009 when more than 12 inches of rain fell on the area, surprising St Louis homeowners and affecting many of their roofs. But even a month with only a few inches of rain can lead to problems at home if your gutter system is inadequate. A malfunctioning gutter system fails to provide the proper protection against the elements. In fact, a failing gutter can lead to water leaking into your home. Water leaks can lead to serious structural damage and potentially expensive repairs.

A period of lower rainfall is an excellent time to evaluate your current gutter system and take action, if necessary. It’s helpful to make a point of inspecting gutters and downspouts twice a year. Potential issues may stem from a system’s design, age or installation. In addition to providing superior roof repair and replacement services for St. Louis, Storm Solutions Roofing can help homeowners with our expertise in gutter systems. Our gutter contractors are experts in installing the K-style gutter systems that are functional and cost effective, or 6″ half round guttering to give your house a classic, elegant look.

From durable troughs to wide downspouts, a gutter system from Storm Solutions Roofing will send water where it belongs—away from your home. Strong, long-lasting gutters from Storm Solutions will always be the right size for function and appearance. Your new gutter system will effectively handle an expected volume of water while not looking too small or too large relative to the size of your home. Plus, we can install gutter guards as well, eliminating the need to remove leaves, tree debris and other materials that can clog your gutters and lead to backup problems or bent gutters. When you’re concerned that your current gutter system is not going with the flow, a call to Storm Solutions Roofing can restore proper protection to your home. We provide inspection, adjustment, and replacement, with gutter cover systems and downspouts available. It’s just takes one call to 314-825-7663 to schedule a free inspection.