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Roof Repair to Protect The “Building Envelope” | St Louis Missouri

I figure it’s my job to help people learn about care and repair of their roofs. Unless you’ve working in construction, it can be kind of a mystery. And even if you have worked in construction, if you didn’t work on the roof, there’s probably a lot you don’t know. Whether you live in St… Read More

St Louis Home and Roofing Systems Protect Your Family from Severe Weather

St Louis Roofing Systems – How they Protect You   It might be odd to hear it, but you can think of your house as a machine.  All of the parts work with the rest to provide protection against the St. Louis weather. Most people think of their homes as inanimate, static, basically unchanging day-to-day…. Read More

St Louis Vinyl Siding, a switch to consider for your home

2012 is coming to a close and in the midst of holiday celebrations and New Year’s resolutions you may be eager to make some changes at home. Your ideas may involve a weekend project of changing décor in a guest room. Perhaps you’re looking for a bolder change to bring new life and a new… Read More