The Best Roofers Protect Your Health and Home – Storm Solutions

We’re called Storm Solutions Roofing for a very good reason. We know that in the Saint Louis area, severe weather is a big cause of roof damage. But in our many years of experience, we have learned that once that damage occurs, there’s a lot at risk for the homeowner. And I don’t just mean water damage from the damaged roof, although that is part of it. The other part is the health hazards that are frequently caused by leaking roofs. The best roofers can protect you on both fronts.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) covers this subject in detail. The agency reports that water leaks can cause mold to grow in a home, and that molds can cause eye, nose or skin irritation, difficulty breathing, fever and asthma attacks.

If you look at their advice on protecting your health from mold, one of their chief recommendations is to eliminate any leaks where water can come in your home. If your home has water leaks, it’s very likely to grow mold that can trigger the problems listed above. The EPA estimated that one-third to one-half of all buildings have some kind of moisture problem.

If your home has a moisture problem that comes from your roof, windows, doors, gutters, downspouts or siding, we can help. Well, as you can see, that makes us more than just roofers. But that’s why we are the best “roofer” for your job. We can fight back against water damage in most every area it can enter your home.

But there’s something important you need to do to protect your investment and health. Have your roof inspected BEFORE you see leaks. Preventing the water from ever coming in is critical! I assure you, repairing your roof before it starts to leak is far cheaper than replacing the contents of your home and tearing out wet walls to put in new sheetrock. Have us come out to inspect your roof and windows and give you a written estimate on what you need to do to protect carpets, walls, furnishings, artwork or other possessions.

It’s our stormy season so call us now before the next storm to get an inspection. Don’t wait until you see mold or other water damage. The best roofer for the job will be able to spot the places where you could develop water infiltration. And that’s us. We’re family owned, experienced, rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau! And one thing we know is local roofs. We work all over Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, St. Charles and, of course, Saint Louis.

We know the kind of damage hail, high winds and heavy rain can cause and can check out your roof for weather-caused damage before the damage can spread. If you have an insurance claim, that’s something we specialize in. We can help you walk that claim through to completion so you can get your roof repaired sooner rather than later.

Basically, if you’ve got a roof, you need us on your team! Call to schedule an inspection today.