By now your Thanksgiving leftovers should be eaten, frozen or discarded.  That’s not our opinion. That’s actually a warning from dietitians who say the fourth day after that holiday meal is the time to use it or lose it. They also say leaving food out more than two hours on a counter or table should prompt you to throw it out at that point. But that’s a rule many of us probably ignore. If being unsure of the rules of food safety, something that should concern us every day, is a problem, then imagine how little we think about the roof. Sure it’s where we left it and we do see it every day. But when it comes to actually taking steps to maintain it, do you actually know and follow the rules?

Vigilant commercial property managers and homeowners learn to recognize the signs of problems developing on a roof. They understand how intervening before roof system troubles become worse can save money and prevent disasters in the future. Many of these people also choose to receive regular roof maintenance from a reliable roofing expert. So what do they know that you may have not discovered yet? Let’s consider three potential issues that could be affecting your roof —and your home —right now.

On our list you’ll find debris, damage and growth affecting your roof.

Debris on the roof can come from a variety of sources, including tree limbs blown down on a windy day.  In a heavily wooded area, debris also can consist of leaves, needles and acorns. Removing it as soon as possible, and as safely as possible, eliminates the threat that the debris and the water it often holds can contribute to potential damage to a roofing system. Besides damage caused by tree debris, weather conditions can tear, rot, blister or remove shingles.

Damage to a roofing system can also occur at the flashings, whether caused by environmental forces or poor installation. This is a critical area to inspect closely since most leaks begin at points of flashing. Growth is another area of concern for a residential or commercial roofing system. Moss or algae can compromise your roof’s protective qualities, and like debris, it can hold water that threatens to deteriorate your roof.

Growth on shingles and other areas can also mask existing damage, such as surface erosion, so you’ll want to get that type of problem addressed right away. Another way to protect your St. Louis roof during the holiday season is to keep your home decorations off your roof. Excess weight and improper securing of items to the roof can both lead to damage.

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