It’s really not fair. Not only are scores of Missouri homeowners suffering from storm damage from last week’s thunderstorms and tornado, but now they have to struggle through their insurance claims for roof restoration. An extensive, complicated claim process just makes the whole situation so much more painful. Wasn’t the storm damage bad enough? At Storm Solutions Roofing, we have a decade of experience in this area. We can do more than just provide the best roof repair in the St. Louis area – we can help you negotiate the claim process. For us, it’s just another part of doing business.

We Know Insurance Companies

We know what kind of information your insurance company needs. We know their language. We know what kind of documentation convinces them of the validity of your claim. We know how they work and how to get your claim through. With a faster claim, you get back to normal faster.

We consider this one of our specialties – helping homeowners with claims. In the St. Louis area, so many roofing jobs are not by choice – they are after major storms. So it’s important that we offer this assistance to our customers.

Fast Service is Essential!

As soon as one of these major storms passes through, our phones start ringing off the hook. And with good reason. Homeowners can’t afford to leave their valuables exposed to more harm when they know there’s been storm damage. When you call us after a storm, we can get your home protected from further damage while we get supplies and workmen on site to make permanent roof repairs.

Of course, sometimes it’s not possible to see the damage. If your home has been in the path of some major weather, call us for a free inspection and estimate for any repairs. We can handle more than just roof repairs. We also inspect and repair siding, windows, soffit, gutters, downspouts and more.

We are proud of our reputation as a reliable company providing excellent service to our neighbors. Don’t hesitate to call us at the first sign that you need roof restoration. (314) 825-ROOF