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St Louis Home and Roofing Systems Protect Your Family from Severe Weather

St Louis Roofing Systems – How they Protect You   It might be odd to hear it, but you can think of your house as a machine.  All of the parts work with the rest to provide protection against the St. Louis weather. Most people think of their homes as inanimate, static, basically unchanging day-to-day…. Read More

Energy Efficient Roofs are a Must in St. Louis | St Louis Roofing Contractor Explains Why

Most people don’t think about roofs as being part of their plan to be energy efficient, but they should. Your roof is completely exposed to all the sunlight that’s available, and the better your roof and attic deal with all this heat, the better your energy bill is going to look. There are ways we… Read More

How to find out if your roof is leaking and how to find the source | Tips from an expert in St Louis Roof Repair

Usually people find out their roof is leaking when water comes in the home. But did you realize that if you stand in your home right under the drip, you might be nowhere near the source of the water? Water has an uncanny way of traveling a long distance before it enters the home in… Read More

St. Louis Roofers Stay Busy with Another Stormy Week | Tips on choosing roofing materials

How to Choose Roofing Materials We’ve had quite a stormy Spring and it is not over yet. The coming week promises thunderstorms and maybe tornadoes. Hail is also likely. This looks like it is going to be a challenging week for homeowners in the area. Most of the residential roofs in the St. Louis area… Read More

DIY Roof Analysis for St Louis Homeowners | Tips from a Professional St Louis Roofer

I tell people that only a trained professional roofer can detect all the different kinds of roof damage. While that’s true, a homeowner who really wants to can learn to spot many kinds of damage himself (or herself). Some people will not call a roofing company to do an inspection until they see some damage… Read More

Roofing and Roof Repair – Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting

The leading St Louis roofing contractors offering the top brands of products to homeowners and business customers. When choosing from the top roofing companies in St. Louis Missouri it's important to select roofers with the necessary expertise, experience and equipment to complete your project professionally and affordably. With the highest quality services on the market, Storm Solutions remains the St Louis roofing company that area residents trust to protect their homes and commercial properties. Our company handles everything related to your roofing system. From a new roof or simply roof repair. Roofing estimates are free and our roof damage assessment will provide you with visuals of the damage we find.

Locally owned, family run roofing company

When it comes to getting professional roofing work done on your home, you want someone that understands your family’s needs and who will work hard to get your family home back to normal again.

Storm Solutions Roofing is a local St. Louis roofer and a company that has been in business for a decade.  We live here and work here - we’re not going anywhere.

We help St. Louis families keep a roof over their heads.

Storm Solutions Roofing is here to stay.  We are your neighbors.  Our roofing company receives 50% of its business through referrals from happy customers.  We have a vested interest in making sure your roofing job is done right - and that you and your family are happy.