Storm Damage Repair

Hail Stones st louis mo

After a storm big or small, it is often easy to see the damage the high winds, hail, and other elements have left behind. Broken windows, bent gutters, and scattered debris are just a few of the many visible ways storm damage impacts our homes. However, there may be other damage done to your home during a storm that no one but a professional roofer will be able to identify. These unseen damages, if left unrepaired, can cause serious structural damage to your home. When a storm hits the St. Louis area, be sure to call the professional roofing contractors at Storm Solutions for a FREE storm damage assessment.

Shingle Damage

Hail Stones st louis mo

In St. Louis we are no strangers to the storm damage caused by hailstorms. But did you know that when wind-driven hail as small as a nickel hits an asphalt shingle, it may cause a bruise? The bruise or initial damage may be hard or even impossible to spot by an untrained eye. If left unattended a bruise can cause the asphalt shingles to deteriorate, leading to water leaking into your home. In order to prevent this, the shingles need to be fixed by a professional like Storm Solutions.

Siding Damage

Hail Stones st louis mo

Damage to your siding can be just as dangerous for your home’s health as any roof damage. Our siding experts will assess the damages to your siding after any storm, properly submitting any damage claims to your insurance company and working with you to regain your home’s structural integrity

Gutter Damage

Hail Stones st louis mo

Gutters are commonly in need of repair after a storm devastates an area. High winds can knock your gutters out of place, turning the spouts that normally direct water away from your house towards its structure. This can lead to serious water damage all the way down to your foundation, even after the storm has subsided. Ensuring that your gutters are functioning properly after a storm can save you money and headaches down the road.

At Storm Solutions, we have experienced contractors that have successfully assisted with thousands of insurance claims, ensuring that the property value of our neighbors’ homes is protected. If your home has fallen victim to storm damage, contact us today for roof repair so we can help restore your home back into a safe, comfortable environment for you and your family.

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