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Why You Should Choose More Professional Roofing Companies in St. Louis

Senate Bill 101: Why You Should Choose More Professional Roofing Companies in St. Louis In 2011, Governor Jay Nixon signed a law that bans the use of insurance deductibles to refund or discount a repair job. This is part of Missouri’s campaign to prevent homes from scams by storm chasers. Known as Senate Bill No…. Read More

Reinforcing Roofs and Gutters to Make St. Louis Homes Storm-Ready

Reinforce Your Roof to Make It Storm-Ready with the Help of Specialists in Roofing from St Louis   St. Louis is no stranger to destructive storms. The most powerful one to hit recently was in 2011, when an F4-classified storm tore up roofs of thousands of homes. Events such as these are grim reminders of… Read More

Relying on Good Roofing Contractors to Help Protect St. Louis Homes

Building Better Shade with Roofing Contractors from St Louis St. Louis is one of the few notable places in America that lie between zones of continental and subtropic climates. This means the area enjoys a taste of all four seasons. Unfortunately, the region is beset by very wild weather as it receives no protection against… Read More

Survive a Hailstorm with Quality Services

Survive a Hailstorm with Quality Services from Leading St Louis Roofing Companies Hailstorms are periodic occurrences among locales in middle altitudes. Those lumps of ice that plummet from the sky can deal significant damage to everything in their path. St Louis, MO itself is no stranger to hailstorms; in fact, two of the costliest hailstorms… Read More

Roofing Companies in St Louis Can Also Replace Busted Windows and Doors

Aside from quality roofing systems, windows and doors are integral to the design of any form of shelter. Without these features, your home will be at the mercy of external hazards such as intruders and the elements. In contrast, the right window and door design exudes security, privacy, and elegance, and even boost comfort and… Read More

Roofing and Roof Repair – Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting

The leading St Louis roofing contractors offering the top brands of products to homeowners and business customers. When choosing from the top roofing companies in St. Louis Missouri it's important to select roofers with the necessary expertise, experience and equipment to complete your project professionally and affordably. With the highest quality services on the market, Storm Solutions remains the St Louis roofing company that area residents trust to protect their homes and commercial properties. Our company handles everything related to your roofing system. From a new roof or simply roof repair. Roofing estimates are free and our roof damage assessment will provide you with visuals of the damage we find.

Locally owned, family run roofing company

When it comes to getting professional roofing work done on your home, you want someone that understands your family’s needs and who will work hard to get your family home back to normal again.

Storm Solutions Roofing is a local St. Louis roofer and a company that has been in business for a decade.  We live here and work here - we’re not going anywhere.

We help St. Louis families keep a roof over their heads.

Storm Solutions Roofing is here to stay.  We are your neighbors.  Our roofing company receives 50% of its business through referrals from happy customers.  We have a vested interest in making sure your roofing job is done right - and that you and your family are happy.