Just in case you thought that all we do are residential roofs in Creve Coeur, I thought I should mention that we also do low-slope roofs in 63141. By that, I am referring to commercial roofs that have just enough slope to let the rain run off. Just like residential roofs, these have their share of problems and need routine maintenance.

With these roofs, too, certain problems should be minimized when the roof is designed and built, but if you move into an existing building, you inherit whatever the builder/owner thought was a good idea. But even then there might be fairly simple solutions.

For example, pooling of water can be minimized by building in at least a minimal slope. If a roof is dead-level, there are ways to build in a slope when you are re-roofing. The most common is tapered insulation. This is just what it sounds like, layers of insulation that are thicker at one end than the other. If this is laid under the roofing material, it creates slope and channels water downhill. Of course, this extra layer of insulation also helps with energy costs.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance After Installation

The same as pitched roofs, low-slope roofs need periodic inspection and maintenance.

Someone needs to inspect the roof regularly and look for ponding water, check all the flashings to make sure they have not slipped. The main signs of potential or existing roof damage do not take an expert to detect. Are all the layers of roofing material flat and secure? Have any layers begun to peel up? Are there any visible openings? Has the roofing material shrunk away from the edges or structures on the roof – or have the sheets separated from each other? Is the roofing material flat or has it begun to buckle?

Attention to any of these problems can mean huge money savings and, if you act fast, you only have a roofing problem to deal with, instead of water inside, damaging equipment and carpeting.

The one thing to watch for when doing an inspection is not damaging the roof during inspection. If you have a roof installed, ask for walkway paths to be added so foot traffic will not damage the roof. A walkway path has extra layers of membrane to provide resistance to damage.

If someone goes up on the roof with a bucket of sealant to patch leaks, the added weight of the bucket can do damage to the roof, as its carried or when it is set down. These walkways will help here too. Anyone going up on the roof for inspection or repairs should either be told where the walkways are or they should be visible.


Getting A Quality Commercial Roofer

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Flat Roof Completed by Storm Solutions Roofing and Contracting

The knowledge of your roofing contractor counts for a lot at the time of installation. For one thing, they have to know when a job should be put off because of adverse weather. Of course, anyone expects a delay when it is raining or snowing. But if the temperature is not right and the roofing contractor puts down a low-slope roof, those sheets of roofing material can subsequently wrinkle, blister, leak or contract. If your roofing contractor calls to tell you your job must be delayed, he should also be able to explain why. You will get the best results if you work with him on scheduling.

Of course, that is why I repeat the message that you must use a qualified roofer for your installations or repairs – one with a good Better Business Bureau rating and who hires only professional labor, not day labor. There’s so much at stake when you have roofing done.

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