St. Charles Roofing – Should Your New Roof Have Two Layers Of Shingles?

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Storm Solutions Roofing - Layering Shingles

If you layer your shingles your roof may end up looking like this

 codes. When our company gives people a quote for a new roof or roof repair in St. Charles, homeowners sometimes ask to give them a bid on laying a new layer of shingles over the existing layer. In most cases this is a bad idea and in some cases, this is not even permitted.

In the first place, you can’t add a new layer of shingles to your roof if you already have two layers. They are all going to have to come off. The Missouri building codes – including St. Charles building codes – prohibit any more than two layers. (In some states, building codes don’t even allow two layers!)


Reasons St. Charles Roofs Shouldn’t Have Two Layers

  1. Your structure has to be able to hold the weight added by the second layer.

  1. If there are any problems with the decking under the shingles, it’s a big mistake to add more shingles on top. If the deck is damaged at all or spongy, then all the shingles need to come off.

  1. A second layer of shingles reduces the lifespan of your new layer. In fact, some estimates figure that the amount of labor cost you might save by leaving on the bottom will equal the amount you lose due to shortened longevity. In other words, the new roof won’t last as long so you won’t get as much use out of the investment.

  1. The double layer of shingles holds in more heat. Less energy efficiency and faster deterioration. See #3.

  1. If the existing roof is in poor shape, the building codes in St. Charles don’t allow you to add a layer of shingles over it. Storm and hail damage can make it unsafe to add another layer of shingles. And that’s something we get plenty of in St. Louis.

  1. If the types of shingles are different, they may not be compatible and this can make the roof lumpy. If you have a textured architectural shingle underneath and you add asphalt shingles on top, this is a bad combination. The asphalt shingle is very likely to not be able to make a seal with the more highly-textured layer underneath. You don’t get the protection you are expecting from your new roof.

While any roofing contractor should explain these things upfront, it is a sad truth that they often do not.

This is why at Storm Solutions Roofing, our company is built on the policy of being very clear regarding the best thing for the needs of the homeowner – especially in the St. Louis area – where the weather can take unpredictable turns and can be very hard on your roof.  If you have any questions about your roof, if you want a second opinion about a roofing bid you’ve received, or if you want expert advice about roofing and your St. Charles home, give us a call.

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