Roofing Repair Scams In St. Louis – How To Spot Them

Unfortunately, roofing repair and replacement is one of those businesses that is prone to scams. By that, I mean that there are too many people who take advantage of St. Louis homeowners’ unfamiliarity with the subject. After all, most people only buy a few roofs in their lifetimes, if that, and they don’t usually even see their roofs. They don’t know how to judge the offer that is being made, don’t know the questions they should ask.

I was looking at a report of a Saint Louis roofing company that went door to door after the storms in our area last spring, offering to do work, taking down payments and then the customers never saw them again. Fortunately, the Attorney General is after these guys but if there are no company resources, those customers may never see their deposits.

This news article provided the characteristics of a company that is running a scam. I’ve mentioned a few of these points before but this is a good list and more complete.


Signs that a Roofing Company is Running a Scam

  • The roofing company shows up at your door after your town experiences storm damage.

  • The roofing company violates the Missouri no-call laws. (To put your number on the list that is not to be called by telemarketers, visit this website:

  • The roofing company says they are doing a roofing job in the area and have left over roofing materials so they can do your job cheaply.

  • The initial roofing quote may excite you because it is so cheap.  (Beware: If it sounds too good to be true, it is!)

  • The roofing company reps may be intimidating if you complain about prices or delays.

  • The roofing company reps pressure you to make a decision and sign a contract now.

  • The roofing company in question offers a special price or package that is only available today.

  • They ask for cash down payments or full payment up front.

Roofing Company Problem Prevention

I’ve mentioned checking Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau for complaints, but you can also check with the Attorney General’s office. And if feel you have been scammed, this is where you should file a complaint.

Always get the license number and insurance information. And check with the insurance agent to verify that insurance is current and covers employee injuries as well as company liability.

Get multiple estimates every single time. This one action alone will prevent you from being fooled by someone who shows up at your door with a “today only” offer.

Ask for the names of other people in town or nearby who have had work done and call them. Ask if the company kept to the promised schedule and price, if the work was done well, if they created any other damage in the process of the roof replacement or repair, if the employees were courteous and seemed competent.

When you are setting up work to be done, document exactly what they are going to do, the final cost, when the job will be completed and what form and schedule is agreed on for the payments. A reputable company will not back off from signing this documentation but it will probably be the last you see of a scammer if you put this documentation in front of them to sign.

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