Largest Roofing Manufacturer In America – GAF

At Storm Solutions Roofing & Contracting, we work with GAF,  the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in the country. Our employees are all trained on using these materials. GAF not only manufactures an excellent range of materials, but they are involved in the industry and want to help both consumers and contractors understand the subject, their materials and proper procedures for installation, as well.


GAF (and Storm Solutions Roofing) Offers a Wide Range of Roofing Materials

GAF realizes that not everyone has a lot of money to invest in roofing materials. So their choices range from the three-tab shingles that are very common all the way up to beautiful architectural shingles that resemble shake roofs. Natural wood shakes are beautiful but expensive. The GAF Camelot line and their other lines of designer shingles can save money and still provide a very similar look.

We like working with GAF for many reasons, including the training they offer. For homeowners, there are many videos on their site: A homeowner looking at putting a new roof on his (or her) home would be wise to go through this video library and get familiar with the subject. When you have a roofing contractor show up to give you an estimate you will know what questions to ask. You will also be more likely to understand his explanations faster and more thoroughly and know if he’s being evasive.

They have a great video on their website that discusses a roofing project that uses GAF materials. In this video from the television show Designing Spaces, JoAnne Liebeler, former co-host of the television series Hometime, explains that once a company has been certified by GAF, that places them in the top three percent of roofing companies in the US.

She also makes a good point when she notes that most people only deal with putting a new roof on their home once or twice in a lifetime, if that. You can watch the video with her interview here:

This is a great little video (nine minutes) because it covers so many of the basics that a homeowner should know to protect his investment. In fact, it makes one of the points that I often tell people when I go out on appointments – you can have the best materials in the world but if they are not installed properly, that investment may be wasted.

Of course, you realize that Storm Solutions Roofing & Contracting is fully certified by GAF, right? In fact, Storm Solutions Roofing is a GAF Certified Master Elite contractor – a distinction held by only 3% of the roofing companies in the country.  This means that not only do we know roofing in general, we specifically know roofing with their materials and have been certified to produce the best work possible.


Your “Envelope” Is Critical

The “envelope” is the outer wrapping for your home. The roof, foundation, windows, doors and the walls outside your living spaces – these are the critical parts of your home that keep you safe and dry. From visiting so many homes over the years, I have the definite impression that many people are more interested in investing in furnishings because they see those every day and naturally, they want to enjoy their surroundings. But give thought to your home’s envelope. An investment here will protect everything that’s inside.



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