Indications Roof Repair Is In Order

Last week, I was talking about signs of roof repair that you can spot if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting up on the roof. Well, I know we’re not all that acrobatic.  So I thought I would provide a few guidelines for those who haven’t spent half their lives on a roof like I have!

Homeowners in the St. Louis area been through some vigorous storms this year so I suggest you pick a clear day and get out in your yard. Walk around your house and look for these signs.


  1. Granules: We talked about finding granules in your gutters but you will really find an accumulation of granules just below each downspout. A few are normal. A lot indicates the need for an immediate inspection. This applies to a home with asphalt shingles.


  2. Downspouts: While you’re looking for granules, look at the downspouts themselves. They should be in good condition, not pulling away from the home and not bent up. These conduits can take a beating as repairs are done around the home. If their integrity is damaged, they may be leaking water where it is not intended. If downspouts are connected to extensions meant to take that water away from the home, that connection and the extension should be in good condition. (Sure, this doesn’t relate to your roof but I thought I should mention it.)


  3. Gutters: Look up at the gutters. They should be straight and not sagging away from the roofline. If they are sagging, this is a pretty easy fix so don’t be too concerned.


  4. Shingles/tiles: Look around your yard for any roofing material that has come off. See a

    Roof Repair - Storm Solutions Roofing

    Damaged Roof

    shingle or a tile? This means there is more damage out of sight. Don’t just throw it in the garbage and think you’ll get to an inspection and repair later. This is where dealing with the problem now can save you big money! You may just have a small problem that is not a big deal to fix. But if you wait, you may have many more missing tiles or shingles, plus water damage, plus mold, etc…. The point is to get right on it. We’ll inspect for free so you don’t have to put it off. We’d rather give you a little bill for a minor repair and know you’re safe and dry, honestly.


We Will Help with Insurance Claims, Too

Insurance companies don’t go out of their way to make it easy to file a claim and get a roofing repair done. But we know their procedures inside and out. We help out customers with this end of the job every day. Once you have experience with claims adjusters, know their language and the way they work, I assure you, it’s so much easier to get claims through.

This is kind of a specialty with us. We know what kind of damage the St. Louis weather does to roofs. We know when a claim is legitimately weather-related and when it’s not.

I hope I have made it a little easier to be a homeowner and feel confident that your roof is providing the protection it should be providing.


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