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Roof Repair to Protect The “Building Envelope” | St Louis Missouri

I figure it’s my job to help people learn about care and repair of their roofs. Unless you’ve working in construction, it can be kind of a mystery. And even if you have worked in construction, if you didn’t work on the roof, there’s probably a lot you don’t know. Whether you live in St… Read More

Roofing Companies in St Louis Can Also Replace Busted Windows and Doors

Aside from quality roofing systems, windows and doors are integral to the design of any form of shelter. Without these features, your home will be at the mercy of external hazards such as intruders and the elements. In contrast, the right window and door design exudes security, privacy, and elegance, and even boost comfort and… Read More

St Louis Vinyl Siding, a switch to consider for your home

2012 is coming to a close and in the midst of holiday celebrations and New Year’s resolutions you may be eager to make some changes at home. Your ideas may involve a weekend project of changing décor in a guest room. Perhaps you’re looking for a bolder change to bring new life and a new… Read More

A Virtual Home Remodeler for St. Louis

Imagine you’re in a new home today without having to pack a thing. It seems like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s actually a fun feature on the website of one of premier roofing partners, GAF. North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, who won an innovation award from Home Builder Executive last week, provides a terrific way… Read More

St Louis Roof Maintenance – The Rules of Doing it Right

By now your Thanksgiving leftovers should be eaten, frozen or discarded.  That’s not our opinion. That’s actually a warning from dietitians who say the fourth day after that holiday meal is the time to use it or lose it. They also say leaving food out more than two hours on a counter or table should… Read More