st louis Roofing and the building envelopeI figure it’s my job to help people learn about care and repair of their roofs. Unless you’ve working in construction, it can be kind of a mystery. And even if you have worked in construction, if you didn’t work on the roof, there’s probably a lot you don’t know. Whether you live in St Louis and own commercial property here, or are located elsewhere in the country, this information is very useful for you.

Maybe you’ve never heard this term – there’s something called the building envelope. This refers to all the parts of your home that protect it from the elements – roofs, outside walls and foundation. Here’s a diagram showing the outside walls that constitute this home’s building envelope. You’ll note that the garage is not included. Attic spaces would normally not be included either, because they are not normally lived in.

We provide many services here in St Louis that protect that building envelope, except for foundation work. Obviously, we do roof repair and replace roofs, but we also provide the siding, soffit and fascia work that are also essential parts of that envelope. Often this is required to fully get a home back into shape after a St Louis storm comes through and causes damage to a home.

Proper maintenance of the roof is a really important part of protecting the integrity of your that building envelope but honestly, most homeowners don’t give it much thought until there is a problem.

You should know when your roof was installed and the expected lifespan of that type of roof. You probably get this information when you first buy your home but please don’t just file that inspection report away and forget about it. Your homeowners insurance may even request it. I know they do here in St Louis.

Regular Roof Inspections are Vital

Ideally, you would have your roof inspected twice a year, once in the spring to make sure there was no damage over the winter. As St Louis winters can sometimes be quite severe with plenty of ice, this is important. The second inspection should be in the fall, to make sure your roof is ready for harsh winter conditions. It’s also smart to get your roof inspected if your home was exposed to significant weather like heavy hail, very high winds, or even a tornado close by. These are all very common problems that can affect a St Louis roof, but also extend to other areas of the country.

If you have shady, north facing parts of your roof, you need to know if there is any growth of moss in that area, because this will hold moisture on the roof and cause an earlier failure of roofing materials. Since cleaning off moss is a short, inexpensive job, it’s worth it to know what’s growing up there.

Regular Roof Inspections Save Money and Increase Energy Efficiency

The good news is that with regular inspections and roof repair when you need it, that building envelope will hold up well and you get the maximum number of years out of your existing roof. If you look at the price of a new roof spread out over its expected lifespan, this could save you a thousand dollars a year.

While I’m on the subject, here’s another reason to be interested in your building envelope. With perfect integrity of your building envelope, your energy efficiency is optimized. This means that the outside of your home is sealed off from the elements, your windows do not leak, your home is properly insulated. By providing not only St Louis roof repair and new roof installation, but also siding, soffit and fascia, we have a lot to offer you in this area. Let us know how we can help.