Would you like to make your home more “green?”  No, I am not talking about paint color. I’m talking about construction products that are ecologically conscious and sustainable. When applied to buildings, the term refers to water efficiency, use of energy, effect on the atmosphere, efficient and responsible use of non-toxic materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality.


As the part of your home or business that receives the greatest onslaught from the elements, your roof has a lot to do with how much impact you receive from heat, cold, water, wind, ice and snow. Your roof also has plenty to do with the efficient use of your indoor resources, primarily how much of your air conditioning – either heating or cooling – escapes through your roof.


This has been a big topic in building materials for the last several years and it is going to get much bigger as we go forward. Honestly, I’m excited. In ten or twenty years, the homes that are going to be built will probably be so energy-efficient that we will wonder why we ever built such inefficient ones.


Your roof can make your home more green


Very few people are going to start ripping out old construction to make their homes more energy efficient. But if it is time for you to get a new roof, you have an opportunity to take a big step forward, toward greater efficiency.

New Roof Materials GAFGAF is the country’s largest roofing material manufacturer. All our workers at StormSolutions Roofing are fully certified by GAF – in fact, we are a GAF Master Elite Roofer – a certification held by only 3% of the roofers in the United States. As the largest manufacturer, GAF is right at the forefront of the whole push toward green roofing materials.  They offer the most advanced products on the market right now. And they are constantly pushing their manufacturing further so in a few years, they will still be leading us in a greener direction.

This is one of the great things about being affiliated with GAF. It’s easy for us to keep our staff fully updated with the latest practices.


GAF’s Principles of Green Roofing


As a business, GAF is highly committed to practices and products that adhere to green principles, like the following:

  • As much as possible while holding to the highest quality, GAF products include recycled content

  • GAF retools their manufacturing plants to reduce or even eliminate landfill water – in fact, two of their plants have achieved zero-waste-to-landfill

  • GAF products use lighter, stronger materials so there is less waste in getting the materials to the jobsite

  • Products are designed to produce minimal wasted materials

  • Of course, many roofing, insulation and ventilation products reduce the energy consumption of your home

  • Many of their roofing products are compatible with solar installations

  • GAF trains our technicians and others how to recycle roofing materials the most efficiently.

I realize that many of these principles don’t necessarily show up as reductions in your energy bill. Some do. But they all mean that when you have roof repairs done or add a whole new roof with GAF materials and our workers, you are contributing to a healthier environment as well as your own savings. I firmly believe that every contribution in this direction is valuable and will ultimately add up to a healthier world for us all to live in.




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