In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that most of the roofs around St. Louis are asphalt – well, in fact, most of the roofs across the US are asphalt!

Of course, in some areas, this varies. In Southern California and other southern regions of the US, there are a lot of those red tile roofs.

Here and there you see a metal roof. They present a trim, clean, timeless appearance and come in a wide variety of colors. But that’s not why people choose them. They are one of the most maintenance-free and long-lasting kinds of roofing materials.

Benefits of a Metal Roof


Metal Roofing

House with a Metal Roof

In a hot climate, a metal roof will reflect more heat back into the atmosphere, meaning that home cooling costs can be lower. There may even be tax credits available to a Kansas or Missouri homeowner, reducing the cost of this type of roof even more. Plus there may be insurance credits if you install this type of roof. Since we work with insurance companies all the time, we can help you find out.

A metal roof also does not need the same amount of maintenance and will normally outlast asphalt tile. There are many reasons that a metal roof may make financial good sense.

Metal Roofing outlook in St. Louis

Of course, there is the challenging weather we get in the St. Louis area. A good metal roof is one of your best protections against hail damage. Sure, you can have someone install a cheap metal roof that won’t take the knocks, but that is never what we would do for you. We would install the right roof for this climate and severe weather that would last you for decades. This is one of the reasons for insurance company discounts.

I assure you, if a metal roof was dinged up during a horrible hailstorm, the other roofs in town would be far, far worse!

Another point to consider is that a metal roof does not lose its integrity even if it does get some dimpling from hail. Other roofs that sustain hail damage do lose their integrity.

Metal Roofing can be a Solid Investment

Yes, a metal roof is more of an upfront investment than asphalt. Many owners of homes with metal roofs find that they get some of that investment back when the house is sold (in addition to the discounts and savings mentioned above).

But because of the higher initial costs, it’s not for everyone.

You should still feel comfortable installing asphalt tile on your home. When we install asphalt, we use superior materials and the exact installation method specified by the manufacturer that will give you the longest protection of your property possible. We believe that we are the best St. Louis roofer for your home (or business too) and we do our best to prove it on every job.