Does Quality Green Roofing Have A Place In Ballwin?

Have you ever thought about what we could do in Ballwin to create a more eco-friendly city?  Could we do this through roofing?  I was just reading about the City of San Francisco’s plan for reducing their waste management plan down to zero landfill. They’re accomplishing this goal by composting food and plant waste and intensive recycling programs. Financial incentives have been driving this progress, mandated by the city.

Similarly, ecological thinking has been working its way into the roofing industry as we have mentioned before. In Washington DC, a growing number (pun intended) of roofs are using plantings to control rainwater and provide thermal protection for the building. Here too, financial incentives are driving this trend.

You see, older cities have a problem with their storm water systems being basically inadequate for the amount of water they can receive. When there’s too much water running through their storm water elimination systems too fast, the final result can be pollution and erosion in nearby rivers. When entire whole roofs are covered by a small layer of growing medium and plants, and when millions of square feet of roof are devoted to this type of green roofing, you start to have a healthier ecosystem. The City of Chicago, for example, has more than three million square feet of green roofs.


Solar Panels On Ballwin Roofs

Green Roofing - Storm Solutions Roofing

Solar Panels On A Roof

Some buildings have a green roof right next to their solar panels. This excites me because this is really putting that surface of the building to good use. More and more, green roofs are going to be used in these older, urban centers, for both commercial and residential buildings.

I believe that gradually, the whole roofing industry will continue to shift in this direction. Storm Solutions works with GAF, the country’s largest roofing supply manufacturer. They have certified us as Green Roofers, in that we recycle all the materials possible and reduce our negative impact on the environment as much as possible, too. As the materials industry continues to evolve, we will be able to provide more energy efficient and ecologically conscious roofs for homes or businesses like yours. Maybe one day before too long, you will have plants growing on your roof, too.


Quality Roofing In 63011 Is Our Specialty

While I like contemplating these future techniques, for now, my focus is on keeping you and your family safe and dry. Most people need some education to learn about the proper maintenance of their roofs and we figure this is part of our job. We’re a family-owned business, not a huge, multi-state corporation. When you call, if you don’t happen to talk to one of the Tyrrell family members, then you should know that we are never very far away from our day-to-day operations.

When you need help with your roof, check in with us. Whether it’s a leak or some roof repair needed for storm damage, we can get you back in business, so to speak, in a very short time. Annual inspections are always a good idea due to our severe St. Louis weather. In fact, we can help you with almost anything that helps seal the weather out – windows, siding, doors and more. Let us help keep your world safe from the elements – that’s our specialty.

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