Roof Repair In 63017: Roofing Shingle Choices

There are many examples of roofing materials used in Chesterfield.  If you live in 63017, you may be confused by the available shingle choices for your roof repair. Most people only choose new roofing material a few times in their lives, if that. They may never find it necessary to learn about roofing materials in any detail. If you’re the kind of person that is a little more curious, I thought we would explain about some kinds of roofing material in more detail.

If you look around the next time you are driving through Chesterfield, you’ll see that most of the roofs are asphalt shingle. That’s because asphalt shingles will do the job for you and they are the cheapest kind of roof. They will keep your home safe and dry and hold up for quite a long time.

Shingles may not last as long as a metal or concrete tile roof and are not as as fire-resistant, but many people are not ready for the higher-priced investment of metal roofing so long as they still get a good quality roof.

Metal, slate, concrete tile, terra cotta tile and wood shingles are all more expensive. Slate, concrete tile and terra cotta tile roofs are much heavier and require a stronger structure to support the weight. You will need a thorough structural inspection before choosing one of these roofs.


What Is A Three-Tab Shingle?

It’s a long shingle with two cuts in the lower portion, making this shingle appear to be three separate parts. When you get one of these shingles manufactured by GAF, the country’s largest roofing manufacturer, it is a quality shingle that will be warrantied for 25 to 30 years, depending on which type you buy. Faster installation helps make this the most economical roofing choice for your Chesterfield home.


Architectural Shingles May Be Right For Your Chesterfield Home

These are a higher quality shingle. Some of them look so much like wood shake shingles that you may not be able to tell the difference until you look carefully. They provide a more textured appearance. They are not recommended for roofs with minimal pitch (slant) because they are a little more subject to wind damage. They come in a wide array of colors.

Warranties against wind damage vary and of course, require that the shingles are installed correctly. Depending on which type of GAF shingle you decide on, you may be warrantied against damage from winds ranging from 60 to 130 miles per hour.

Shingle Choice - Storm Solutions Roofing

Brand New Shingles

The best roofer is one who will explain your choices to you and accompany that explanation with some eduction. Roof restoration, roof repair and even whole new roofs can be some of the most expensive investments you may ever make in your home unless you add a couple of rooms.  That is why we offer free Roof Inspections and Estimates to all home owners in 63017, Chesterfield.

Just remember that whatever roof you chose, as long as you use materials from a good manufacturer, you will get a sound, safe roof for the length of time you are in the home. But when you go to sell your home, a better roof may give you an advantage  If your buyer is considering two homes that are approximately equal in most of their characteristics, a better, more fire-resistant roof may win.

And you may get an insurance discount with superior roofing material that will not be available for less expensive materials.

These last two factors help make your investment in higher quality roofing materials a better investment, and thus make them your best roofing choice.