How Roofing Companies Rip Off Homeowners

When the average person lacks experience or knowledge in an area, it is more possible for him to be ripped off. So the industries where knowledge tends to be harder to come by are more subject to ripoff. Like auto repair, air conditioner repair and home improvements. I could wish it was not that way since I work in home repair but there’s two things I can do about it:


  1. I can run an honest shop myself, with professional, properly certified staff and…

  2. I can educate you on roofs, roofing and how not to get ripped off.


So here are a few points to watch for.

If someone asks you to sign an authorization to get on your roof to inspect it, read it carefully. One of the tricks an unscrupulous roofer will use is an authorization to inspect that actually consists of a contract to do repairs and to act on the homeowner’s behalf with their insurance company. You could be authorizing someone to meet a claim adjuster on your roof and arrange for work to begin. So READ.


No Blank Contracts – Ever

Don’t EVER sign a contract with blanks in it. Of course, this recommendation applies to ANY contract, but this is a rip-off technique used by unscrupulous roofers. A dishonest roofer may give you

roofing contract

Do Not Sign This

a contract that does not specify a price but might say instead that whatever the insurance company will pay will go directly to them. They are then free to quote any price they want – the homeowner will never see it.

This blank-contract scam is being used in the parts of Oklahoma that were devastated by the recent tornadoes. Those contracts are obligating the homeowner to use this roofer for repairs.

Some of these sneaky contracts even specify that the insurance money should be given to the roofer before the job is started. Because one of the tactics used by dishonest roofers is the frequent move (change states, change business names, etc.), you could wind up with no roof repair at all and your insurance company has already paid for the work to be done. You can be sure they are not going to pay twice.


Tarps and Scare Tactics

If your house does suffer storm damage, don’t pay someone who says he’s a roofer for tarping your home to protect the contents until repairs are complete. A reputable roofer will put up tarps as part of your overall job and not charge a separate fee for this service. A rip-off artist will get an up-front payment for tarping and then disappear.

Pressure and scare tactics are the tools of the trade of unscrupulous roofers. If you feel like you’re being pressured, you should stop right there and get a second bid on your roof work. Well – the best thing you can really do is call us and have us bid on the job! The St. Louis area is where we repair roofs and where we live and we’re not going anywhere. The best roofer in St. Louis is one who runs a professional shop, is certified to install the materials you ask for, and will be there if you need followup or have any concerns.

It’s sad that some people give away their integrity to make a little money. At least I can warn you how to steer clear of them.

Feel free to call me anytime for a real estimate from a local company that cares about the community.  (314) 825-7663 or send an email to [email protected]