Reinforce Your Roof to Make It Storm-Ready with the Help of Specialists in Roofing from St Louis   St. Louis is no stranger to destructive storms. The most powerful one to hit recently was in 2011, when an F4-classified storm tore up roofs of thousands of homes. Events such as these are grim reminders of how these vital components of houses could be so vulnerable to the effects of devastating weather events. Thus, you must make your roof better prepared for any storm. Here are pointers to keep in mind: Know the type of roof The effects of a powerful storm on a roof vary depending on the roof’s type. Because of their design, gabled roofs are considered to be the most vulnerable to storm damage; but they can be reinforced by specialists in roofing from St Louis through the addition of braces in the trusses or at the gable ends. For flat or low slope roofs, the single-ply membrane must be properly fastened and checked for water tightness to avoid leaks. Replace damaged shingles If your shingles have noticeable signs of deterioration, have them replaced immediately since strong gusts of wind could make them worse. If the shingles are merely loose, refasten them with durable nails to ensure they don’t come off with strong gusts of wind. If majority of your roof shingles are damaged or missing, consider having them replaced entirely by trusted roofing contractors like the ones from Storm Solutions Roofing. Cut down diseased trees Violent winds and rains can knock down even the strongest trees; so you can just imagine how they can affect the brittle wood of diseased or dying trees. Fallen branches or trunks from dying trees can gravely compromise the condition of your roof; thus, don’t think twice about removing the trees. Also, trim the branches of flourishing trees, especially the ones surrounding your home, to be safe. Strengthen your gutter system. Your robustly-constructed roofing in St. Louis is complete when it has a strong gutter system. Gutters are responsible for channeling stormwater away from your house, thereby preventing water from seeping into the structure. Clear your gutters of debris to avoid obstructing the water flow. By having roofing contractors apply these reinforcement methods, your roof will be ready for any storm that comes its way. Choose roofers that have been certified by GAF Master Elite, one of the leading roofing manufacturers in the nation. Remember to get a free cost estimate before having any work done.